North Carolina 'Satanist' And 'Cannibal' Arrested For Murder, Bodies Found In Shallow Graves In Backyard

A "Satanist killer's" home in North Carolina has been described as a house of horrors by law enforcement officers. Pazuzu Illah Algarad, 35, was arrested after the remains of two individuals were found behind his home in Clemmons, in a shallow grave.

The North Carolina Satanist shared the home with Amber Nicole Burch, 24, who claimed to be his wife. Cynthia Lawson, Pazuzu Illah Algarad's mother, also lived at the same address. The bodies found in a shallow grave in North Carolina have been identified as Tommy Welch and Joshua Wetzler. Both men were in their 30s.

Amber Nicole Birch was also charged in the murders. Krystal Nicole Matlock, 28, has been charged as an accessory to murder. Clemmons police officers believe that the bodies of the two men were buried in 2009, with Algarad and Burch each committing one of the murders.

Police video taken inside the home where satanic worship allegedly occurred is said to be "stomach-turning." The walls were reportedly covered in pentagrams, depictions of the Devil, animal feces, and other putrid substances covering the floor and a "sea of trash" scattered about the North Carolina home.

A friend of Pazuzu Illah Algarad claims that the alleged satanic worshipper "told everyone" about the bodies buried in shallow graves in the backyard – but no one believe him. Algarad also allegedly told his friend how Joshua Fredrick Wetzler and Tommy Dean Welch were killed in great detail. After killing the two men, the Satanist allegedly ate part of their bodies and burned the rest in a fire pit.

Algarad's neighbors told local authorities that he routinely performed both satanic rituals and animal sacrifices in his back yard as well. North Carolina law enforcement officers report that animal bones have been found on the property, and that more arrests are possible as the investigation moves along.

satanic worship
Shallow graves in backyard of North Carolina home.

A sign posted on the front door of the house warned police officers not to enter. "No gang members allowed: anyone that dresses the same, has the same badge and call themselves the authority of the land they did not create." A picture of a skull and cross bones was beneath the text. "Evil will not triumph" was emblazoned below the image.

devil worshipper north carolina
Pazuzu Illah Algarad accused of cannibalism and Satanic worship murder.

A Winston-Salem Journal report says that Pazuzu Illah Algarad was born as John Lawson in California. He later dropped out of high school and ultimately changed his name. His mother is also allegedly a Satanist. Algarad's tongue is reportedly slit down the middle, and he allegedly filed his teeth into sharp points. He was convicted as an accessory after the fact in the shooting death of Joseph Chandler, 30, in 2010. The North Carolina devil worshipper was still on probation when he was arrested for murder.

Bianca Heath, a woman who claims to have lived with the alleged cannibal and Satanist for one month in 2005, said he had bragged to her about his activities.

"Paz told everyone. But I never believed him. He laughed about the skeletal remains when telling the story on why he did what he did," she said.

Heath went on to maintain that Algarad also said he picked up two prostitutes and killed and ate them as well – with the rest of their remains being cast into the fire pit as well.

Inside the alleged devil worshipper and cannibalist's home in North Carolina.
Inside the alleged devil worshipper and cannibal's home in North Carolina.

Forsyth District Judge Gordon Miller, who assigned public defenders to the trio of alleged devil worshippers, said if convicted, the suspects could face the death penalty.

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[Image via: Fox News 8 WGHP screengrab/Daily Mail]