‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spoilers: Leonard Needs Surgery, The Gang Goes To Prom [Video]

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon And Amy Dressed In Prom Best

The Big Bang Theory gang is going to try a very interesting experiment on tonight’s episode of the show — the guys and gals will attempt to recreate their high school proms.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, none of the Big Bang Theory characters enjoyed their prom experiences. This is why they decide to hold their own dance redo on the roof of their building, and Shamy fans should be thrilled — the romantic atmosphere could spark another sweet Shamy moment.

A sneak peek for “The Prom Equivalency” shows Amy and Bernadette discovering Penny’s old prom dress sitting on her couch. This leads to scene that involves a little slut-shaming, but Penny has the perfect response to her pals’ derogatory remarks.

A second Big Bang Theory sneak peek shows Raj and Emily in a limo with Howard and Bernadette. Emily reveals that she has a very dark side when she and Bernie start talking about their favorite animated female characters — Emily loves Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but Bernadette is more of a Cinderella girl.

The gang’s plan to have the perfect prom night won’t go off without a hitch, of course. Things get awkward when Stuart brings Howard’s cousin Jeanie as his date, meaning that Howie might have to spend most of the night keeping Bernadette away from his relative. This is because Howard lost his virginity to Jeanie in the back of a Toyota Corolla after his uncle’s funeral.

Sheldon might also feel uncomfortable at the Big Bang Theory prom. According to the Los Angeles Times, he’ll reportedly feel “pressured to participate in romantic traditions.” Sometimes things can get ugly when Sheldon is forced to do something against his will, and he might do or say something that hurts Amy’s feelings. However, there’s definitely hope for a cute Shamy moment after the couple makes up in their own weird way (they always do).

Leonard might survive reliving a high school tradition that most geeks view as a form of torture, but next week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory will throw something even more stressful his way. According to CBS, Leonard will find out that he needs to get minor surgery on his nose in “The Septum Deviation.” Instead of showing concern for his friend, Sheldon will decide that he’s the one who needs to be showered with sympathy. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Howard will start working on their marriage after they find out that Raj’s parents are getting a divorce.

Do you think Shamy will survive the Big Bang Theory prom tonight?

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