‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spoilers: Penny Pretends To Be Single, Goes To Prom [Video]

The Big Bang Theory is taking a trip back in time during an upcoming episode. However, Sheldon and his pals haven’t finally figured out how to build a real time machine.

Instead The Big Bang Theory gang is going to relive a night that was a nightmare for many members of the geeky group – high school prom. However, first Leonard has to forgive Penny for flirting with doctors and pretending that she’s an unmarried woman.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the October 30 episode of The Big Bang Theory is titled “The Misinterpretation Agitation.” Penny is now working as a pharmaceutical sales rep, and she’s discovered that pretending to be a single lady is an effective way to peddle her products. Unfortunately, her flirting backfires when a urologist shows up at her apartment to ask her out on a date. As you can see in the video sneak peek below, Leonard finds out about Penny’s gentleman caller before he makes it to her door.

The love-struck doctor will be played by Fargo star Billy Bob Thornton. He’s actually a big fan of the The Big Bang Theory, and he once said that portraying one of Penny’s boyfriends would be one of his dream roles. You’d think Leonard would be upset with the man trying to steal Penny away from him, but Sheldon helps the two guys settle their differences over some hot beverages.

Leonard even starts to like Billy Bob Thornton’s character when he sees the urologist’s house. Spoiler TV shared photos showing Leonard and his friends visiting the doc’s home, and it’s full of great stuff to geek out over: movie posters, a replica of the Robocop suit, life-sized models of Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still and Maria from Metropolis, Indiana Jones’ hat, and tons of old arcade games.

The Big Bang Theory Gort And Robocop

Leonard especially seems to enjoy the doc’s old Donkey Kong game.

The Big Bang Theory Arcade

Leonard must forgive Penny for pretending not to be engaged fairly quickly, because the next episode of The Big Bang Theory looks like an extra-romantic one. According to Star Watch Byline, the November 6 episode is titled “The Prom Equivalency,” and it features the Big Bang gang getting all dressed up for a very special dance. After discovering that they all had less-than-pleasant prom experiences, Leonard and his pals decide to redo their high school dances. Penny and Amy look lovely in their red and blue prom dresses (pictured above), and Lenny shares a very sweet moment dancing on what appears to be the roof of their apartment building.

The Prom Equivalency

Unfortunately, it looks like The Big Bang Theory prom isn’t as magical for Shamy. In the photo below, Amy looks pretty upset, and Sheldon appears to be the cause of her unhappiness.

The Prom Equivalency

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Howard’s infamous second cousin Jeanie (the one he lost his virginity to) will be appearing in “The Prom Equivalency.” She’ll likely be Stuart’s date for The Big Bang Theory prom.

Which are you looking forward to more: seeing Billy Bob Thornton on The Big Bang Theory on October 30 or watching the gang redo their proms on November 6?

[Image credits: CBS via Spoiler TV and Star Watch Byline]

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