Cats Sitting Inside Circles: Latest Internet Trend Reveals New, Cute Mystery Of Cat Behavior

Why do cats like to sit inside circles? It’s a mystery. No, it’s a mystery inside a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. But it’s the latest online cute cat craze anyway.

Yes, people from all over the world, over the past couple of weeks have been creating circles on the floor — using tape, a belt, towels or whatever’s at hand that could form a circle — then sitting back and watching their cats sit inside them.

The above video, from the YouTube series aptly titled What’s Trending Now, explains this puzzling but inexplicably amusing trend — or tries to explain it anyway — and includes some examples of the cat circle trend. A quick YouTube search for “Cat Circles” will turn up more cat circle videos, if you just can’t get enough. In fact, here are a few of the cats in circles you might come across. Cat Circle 1 Cat Circle 2 Cat Circle 3 Cat Circle 4

So why do cats find circles seemingly irresistible — at least the cats that show up online sitting inside circles? We know cats love boxes. Maybe it’s the same idea? Cat-sperts say that boxes provide kitties with a sense of security — and also, cats like to hide. They are “cryptic animals” who feel safe when they can’t be seen.

Perhaps a circle fools a cat into thinking the invisible walls of the circle are, in fact, real.

Another explanation is that cats are highly territorial animals, and the outline of a circle provide them with a clearly marked territory. Whatever the reason, the cats in circles phenomenon appears like its here to stay.

Or is it?