Michael Schumacher Close To Death? Family Saying ‘Long Goodbye’ After Doctor Addresses Recovery Concern

Michael Schumacher is allegedly close to death and he is losing his battle to recover from the devastating brain injury that has left him in a coma for close to a year.

A doctor has now admitted that the German racing icon’s family are currently saying a “long goodbye” to Michael Schumacher. However his wife, Corinna, is still hopeful that her husband will “walk, talk and feel again” and she is remaining hopeful.

Dr. Gary Hartstein, who knew Schumacher throughout his Formula 1 career, has now admitted that he is concerned for the driver’s fate and he has told the Mail Online that as more time passes it is unlikely that Schumacher will recover from his injuries.

“As time goes on it becomes less and less likely that Michael will emerge to any significant extent.”

Hartstein made his remarks in response to the positive claims being made by other friends and family about Schumacher’s future.

The manager of the 7-time Formula One world champion, Sabine Kehm, recently stated that Michael Schumacher wasn’t in a coma but that he was now on “the long process of recovery.” She even claimed that he had been communicating with his family.

Harstein, who now works as the Clinical Professor of Anaesthesia and Emergency Medicine at the University of Liege Hospital in Belgium, has warned fans that there is very little chance that Schumacher will be anything like his old self ever again.

“We are told, with what seems to be a bit of triumphal air, that Michael is no longer in a coma. This is not news. I cannot help but think this is highly cynical use of language, using the truth to convey an impression that is almost certainly false.”

Harstein was also critical of the news black-out that means news regarding Schumacher’s state has failed to materialise. He believes that if the former Ferrari driver had emerged from the coma then the world would have been told that “he is having problems expressing himself and will work hard to get better.”

Friends of Schumacher are still hopeful that he will recover though. In fact Corinna has even told friends that she is hopeful he will be in a wheelchair by next summer.

Sources close to Corrina and Michael Schumacher have explained, “Even to see him sitting upright would make things seem so much better. Until then she will be simply thankful that at least he is at home, surrounded by the family who love him and pray daily for his recovery.”

[Image via F1 Fanatic]