Christian Couple Killed And Cremated By Angry Muslim Mob For Allegedly Desecrating Koran

A Christian couple in Pakistan were reportedly beaten to death and then burned by an angry Muslim mob who accused them of desecrating a Koran.

The vicious double murder, which took place in the town of Kot Radha Kishan, located around 40 miles away from the city of Lahore, is the latest example of Muslim violence against Christians and other ethnic minorities in Pakistan.

According to a police officer who attended the scene of the murders, “A mob attacked a Christian couple after accusing them of desecration of the holy Koran and later burnt their bodies at a brick kiln where they worked,” adding that, “Yesterday an incident of desecration of the holy Koran took place in the area and today the mob first beat the couple and later set their bodies on fire.”

The victims were identified only by their first names, Shama and Shehzad, and they were reported to be a married couple.

Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, has constituted a three-member committee to fast track the investigation of the brutal killings and ordered police to beef up security at Christian neighbourhoods in the province.

Recently, Mohammad Asghar from Glasgow, was shot and killed in a Pakistani prison while he awaited his execution for blasphemy. His daughter, Jasmine Rana, says she wants an investigation to be opened into mentally ill father could be convicted of blasphemy.

In Pakistan, which is predominantly a Muslim country, blasphemy is a highly sensitive subject, which is often met with angry mob reactions, such as the one in this article. As it stands, anyone who is even suspected of insulting the Koran risks violence against them and their families at the hands of excitable vigilantes.

In another example of gross intolerance in Pakistan, a Christian woman, who allegedly insulted the Prophet Mohammed during an argument with a Muslim woman, has been sitting on death row for almost four years.

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