‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview’ Hitting Theaters Next Week

A recently discovered video of a previously unseen Steve Jobs interview will be shown in theaters next week. The interview dates from 1995, just before he reunited with Apple and began to turn it into the company it is today.

This lost interview was discovered in the garage of director Paul Sen, who oversaw a 1996 PBS miniseries called Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires. The full footage of Jobs’s interview was found on an unedited VHS tape.

In the interview, Jobs is said to describe his acrimonious 1985 exit from Apple (he fell out wih the CEO), his irritation with Microsoft (sounds potentially juicy) and how his love of computers began as a child.

Part of the interview has already appeared in the aforementioned PBS miniseries, but the bulk of the footage went unused.

This’ll no doubt be appearing on a DVD/YouTube at some point in the future, but if you do want to see it for yourself, the full interview will be shown Wednesday November 16 and Thursday November 17 at numerous Landmark Theater locations. This includes theaters in (no news on showtimes or exact locations yet):

Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis and Washington D.C.

Anybody planning to go catch this. And on a slightly different note, I’m wondering where the ticket revenue will go for this? I’d like to think a charitable cause, rather than somebody’s pocket …