‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Caroline Feels Desperate, Quinn Pushes Buttons

Some romances are blooming and others are crumbling this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers indicate that some women are conspiring and conniving to get what they want while others are showing their desperation. What can fans expect from the episodes airing the week of November 3?

According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps, Maya will pressure Rick to sign the contract. Caroline tells Hope that she only shared a couple of kisses with Ridge and insists they didn’t fall in love with one another. Hope doesn’t let her off the hook though, saying that Caroline is absolutely trying to make excuses, and it’s clear she’s not buying it.

Caroline tearfully tells Rick that they’re going to work things out, but he’s not looking terribly willing to give their marriage another shot. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that as the week continues, the rivalry between Maya and Caroline will escalate. In addition, Rick starts making changes within the company.

Rick is definitely taking charge, and The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that he will put Caroline and Ridge in their place later in the week. Maya will continue to nudge him to take action, and it doesn’t seem that he’ll see through her antics anytime soon.

Also ahead this week, John says he’s not letting Eric back out of their plans while Ivy and Hope have a talk. Taylor shows up on Wednesday’s show to check in on Aly, and Hope gets emotional about the baby. Quinn will show up at Hope’s appointment, and this does not go over well.

Toward the end of the week, Ivy will invite Liam to go with her to Amsterdam. He’s hesitant, knowing Hope and Wyatt will be there too, but ultimately he agrees to go. Hope, Wyatt, Ivy and Liam will head to Amsterdam together, but, of course, there are going to be complications as the quartet spends time together abroad.

From the sounds of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, viewers should brace themselves for more drama between Hope and Quinn, additional tension regarding the Caroline and Ridge situation and some flourishing romance for Ivy and Liam. As viewers have seen over the past few weeks, Maya is determined to get her way when it comes to Rick and Caroline, and it seems she continues to push hard this coming week. Tune in for The Bold and the Beautiful airing weekdays on CBS to see just what happens next.

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