Kendrick Taylor, Hero: Man Stops Mugger Who Targeted A 76-Year-Old Woman

Kendrick Taylor, The Man Who Stopped A Man From Mugging A 76-Year-Old Woman

Kendrick Taylor is a hero tonight after chasing down a 76-year-old woman’s mugger while on his way to the gym.

“What if that was my grandmother?” Taylor said, describing his thoughts at the time to CNN.

Taylor, a Navy veteran, saw victim Rosemary Carelton being manhandled by an assailant in the parking lot of a grocery store.

While watching video surveillance footage of the incident for the first time, he described the scene.

“She was screaming for help, and that’s when I went over to help her.”

Kendrick Taylor

Kendrick never thought twice about whether the assailant had a knife or firearm. He simply ran straight toward the individual.

“I just saw the lady. She was so old, and when he threw her down, she was so fragile, I just knew she needed help.”

Apparently the attacker didn’t like his chances with Taylor compared to the lady, so he took off running across the parking lot. Taylor can be seen in the surveillance video speeding up behind him, and tackling him to the ground.

“When I got my hands on him, I just apprehended him, and I told some local people to call the police, and so they got here and I kept him down.”

To Taylor’s credit, he didn’t use excessive force. He simply laid on the man and immobilized him. The sight of a man attacking a 76-year-old lady might be a bit too much for some to be in that situation without taking a few shots at the guy, but Taylor kept his cool.

The attacker turned out to be a 23-year-old named John Zachary DesJardin. Already on probation, he was charged with attempted robbery and battery on a person over 65.

“He definitely should face some type of jail time,” Taylor said. “He has to know what he did was very wrong.”

In a separate report from The Blaze, it was revealed that the victim received minor injuries and “was traumatized,” according to her niece, who also voiced the family’s thankfulness that Taylor and two others tried to stop the attacker.

Stories like this are always nice to hear, but they don’t seem to happen often enough. In fact, a social experiment the Inquisitr previously reported on, in which a man was shown to be rough-housing a woman on a jogging trail, showed an astonishing amount of passers-by who refused to get involved, call the cops or help in any way.

For people like Kendrick Taylor to still be out there — well, it’s an increasingly rare thing. Would you have helped Rosemary Carelton?