Great White Shark Circles ‘Idiot’ Surfing Whale Carcass, But Harrison Williams Was ‘Trying To Help’ [Video]

A great white shark attack video was feared to be the potential outcome for a man named Harrison Williams, who was spotted riding on the rotting carcass of a dead whale. Besides the great white sharks, he was being circled by hungry tiger sharks, making the situation extremely dangerous. While the rest of the world are shaking their heads, even the parents of Williams think he was acting like an “idiot.”

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a shark attack in Hawaii had a father using his surfboard like a hammer in order to protect the lives of his three young sons from a vicious tiger shark attack. But even professional surfers like Ryan Hunt was kicking for his life when a shark attack had him grappling with the predator’s head between his legs.

When a dead humpback whale was spotted floating off the coast of Western Australia, the rare sight attracted a lot of attention, both human and underwater creature. In a previous report by the Inquisitr, Tony Capelutti of the Department of Fisheries Shark Response Unit said the whale had attracted quite a following. “Around lunchtime one of the reports stated that four tiger sharks and a white shark were feeding on the carcass of a humpback whale four nautical miles east of Rottnest,” he said.

Harrison Williams

Probably even the great white sharks in the area were gaping in amazement when 26-year-old Mr. Williams decided it would be a good idea to jump into the shark-infested waters to take a ride on the rotting whale.

“One of my mates said it would be pretty funny to surf the whale, so I did it,” Williams said, according to TVNZ. “Basically the whale looked in distress and I tried to help it. But clearly I was too late.”

Harrison says he knew there was the occasional great white shark in the water but he did not realize how much danger he was in until he was already surfing the whale.

“At first I couldn’t get a grip and I ended up using my chin to drag myself up,” he told the Mail Online. “[The shark] was too busy chomping on the whale so it wasn’t too bad.”

Fortunately, the great white shark didn’t go for a smaller snack and Williams was able to jump back to his boat when his friends brought it in closer. As for what his parents think about his close encounter with a great white shark, Harrison Williams admits his mother thinks he’s “an idiot” and his father’s opinion is said to be about the same.