Shark Attack In Australia Had Pro Surfer Ryan Hunt Kicking For His Life

A shark attack in Australia had a young professional surfer named Ryan Hunt kicking for his life when the shark kept coming back for him in the waves.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a different shark attack in Hawaii had a father using his surfboard like a hammer in order to protect the lives of his three young sons from a vicious tiger shark attack. Another shark attack victim in Australia says people should not blame the sharks even as the land down under is considering further shark culling and shark nets.

The 20-year-old surfer says the shark attack occurred while he was surfing small waves at dusk. According to Hunt, he was “pretty unlucky to stand on the shark’s head” while at Wallabi Point, which is on the coast of New South Wales, Australia. Needless to say, the shark was not exactly pleased to have a human standing on its noggin.

“I had been out for about half hour or so and had just got a wave and put my foot down and a shark bit on to my foot,” Mr. Hunt said, describing how the shark attack took place. “I tried to kick it off and it bit down again and then it swam up between my legs. I had my hands trying to push down its head, it was about 10 inches wide.”

Mr. Hunt says he yelled out about the shark attack and friends came running to help him in the waves. Fortunately, the shark decided to give up the fight. “I was trying to push it down and it bit me twice in the foot, it was swimming around my leg again and then swam off,” he said.

Mr. Hunt’s friends helped the surfer up onto the beach and a local man treated the nasty shark attack bite on the foot. But the gash on his left foot was bad enough that he needed to go to Manning Hospital in order to have surgery.

“It’s very very painful at the moment, I only had a couple of hours sleep … but if it’s not serious damage … and no punctured joints and toes then I could be home by tonight,” he said. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Hunt was doing well enough that he posted an Instagram photo of his wounds and joked, “Apparently, sharks like feet.”

While the shark attack had Ryan Hunt kicking, he says the damage won’t kick him down. According to the Daily Mail, the surfer has sponsors like O’Neill and even recently returned from a sponsored surfing trip in Japan. Regardless of the damage from the shark bite, Hunt says, “I’ll definitely be surfing again as soon as I can.”

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