Bodies In Upscale Apartment: 1 ‘Nearly Decapitated,’ Another In Luggage

Police in Hong Kong say the two bodies found in an upscale apartment building on Saturday were the result of a gruesome murder. A British banker was arrested and charged for the double murders of two women, one who was found decomposing in a suitcase, according to a CNN report. Homicide and crime scene investigators are unsure when the Asian women were killed in the high-end apartment building. The New York Daily News describes the dead women as sex workers.

Police received a call in the early morning hours from a man in the Wan Chai district. When they arrived to his upscale apartment, they found the dead bodies of two women, ages 25 to 30. The younger of the two murder victims, believed to be an Indonesian tourist, was found without clothing, partially beheaded and with stab wounds to her neck and buttocks. Her corpse was found in a suitcase on the outside balcony of the 31st floor. The other victim, believed to be a native of the Philippines, was found inside the dwelling with multiple stab wounds. A police investigator described the luxury apartment as “very messy” due to copious amounts of blood found on scene.

The caller and person registered to the upscale residence where the bodies were found is identified as Rurik Jutting, 29. According to a source, he is a Cambridge University graduate who worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Reportedly, he quit his role with the institution some time prior to the discovery of the bodies in his upscale apartment.

Police haven’t commented on a motive for the killings of the two women found in the man’s upscale apartment, but according to the condition of the bodies, struggles and violence precipitated the deaths. Residents recall smelling the stench of rotting flesh coming from the apartment and, based on evidence collected at the scene, police believe at least one of the victims had been dead for at least five days before they were called to the grisly murder scene.

Some say the murders resemble the plot and scope of the novel American Psycho, in which the primary character, an investment banker, goes on a killing spree that included sex workers. The murders of the two women in Hong Kong are located in a section of the city known for its trendy bars, eateries, nightlife and strip clubs. Locals were left shaken by the violent murders, given that the city is known for its low homicide rate. The last high-profile killing took place 11 years ago.

[Image via the Telegraph]