Chris Rock’s ‘SNL’ Monologue Jokes About 9/11 And Boston Marathon Bombing

Chris Rock hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend for the first time.

Based on the negative reactions that came from his controversial opening monologue, it might have also been his last time as Saturday Night Live host.

Most of the negative reactions and comments came from Chris Rock’s jokes about 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Around the one-minute mark of the video, Chris Rock uses his SNL monologue to start talking about the tragic terror attack that occurred at the Boston Marathon in April of 2013.

First, his transition to this particular segment was a little awkward since he started off by briefly talking about the New York City marathon, which was scheduled for Sunday.

Chris Rock then stated that the Boston Marathon “was probably the most frightening, sadist terrorist attack ever.”

“26 miles. 26 miles. 26 miles is a long drive… People jogging for 26 miles. Their knees are hurting. Their feet are killing them… You’ve been training for a year. You finally get to the finish line and somebody screams, ‘RUN!'”

Chris Rock also made jokes about the Freedom Tower that was built in honor of 9/11. The 49-year old comedian said that the Freedom Tower should be renamed the Never-Going-In-There tower, because he is admittedly “never going in there.”

“There is no circumstance that will ever get me in that building. Are you kidding me? What do they have? Does this building duck? What are they thinking? Who’s the corporate sponsor – Target? Stop it! In the same spot, they put another skyscraper? What kind of arrogant Floyd Mayweather crap is this?”

Many people flocked to Twitter since the live broadcast aired Saturday night to express their feelings about Chris Rock’s controversial jokes.

Some people thought that Chris Rock was wrong for making jokes about 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Others found no fault with the jokes and even though that Chris Rock was “hilarious” during his monologue.

However, there were other people that were confused and had mixed feelings about Chris Rock’s jokes.

How did you feel about the SNL monologue? Did Chris Rock go too far?

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