Auburn Football Winning Results Cause 22 Percent Sales Increase In Auburn Gear, Ole Miss T-Shirts Also Sell Well

Auburn football is hot and heavy in the news on November 2, in no small part due to Auburn’s 35-31 stunning, nail-biting defeat over Mississippi on Saturday. As a result, fans are showing their support for Auburn football by buying Auburn gear en masse, and online retailers are experiencing a surge in sales after the initial knockout game between the 3rd and 4th ranked teams.

“Auburn football gear sales are up 22 percent,” said James Pillow, an expert at Auburn football.

It was one huge recovery play by Auburn football linebacker Cassanova McKinzy that helped Auburn survive with a victory – one that ESPN says shouldn’t surprise football fans. Auburn football fans, however, are surprised and apparently delightedly, placing their credit and debit card numbers where their allegiance lies in hopes of seeing continued future wins.

“Auburn has a good chance at winning the national championship this year,” said Pillow. “Even with over 100 yards in penalties last night, Auburn University managed to beat Ole Miss. Auburn’s offense got further with one of the best defenses in the country far more than any other team that had played Ole Miss. To me this proves Auburn can win another national title by beating such a top-ranked football team even when Auburn had an off night. Auburn will just need to stop getting so many penalties and having to punt the ball away. I am sure this is a discussion their coach Gus Malzahn will sort out Monday morning.”

The big win between the top football teams, who will now play in a bracket system, make for an amazing Auburn football journey – even if it was reached in what Sports Illustrated called sadly the most “macabre sequence imaginable,” one that featured Laquon Treadwell leaving in the back of an ambulance after the Ole Miss crushing football loss.

However, fans have not abandoned their favorites, despite the blow.

“Both Mississippi teams (Ole Miss and Mississippi State) have come out of nowhere this year to have really good teams. This surprised a lot of people and made for really good football. Ole Miss t-shirts are also selling better than ever,” said Pillow.

Indeed, the future of Auburn football will be a heavily watched and debated one for fans.

“At the moment, the top four spots look like a tough nut to crack, with Florida State and Mississippi State both still undefeated and third ranked Auburn strengthening its claim with a win over Ole Miss on Saturday,” wrote Inquisitr reporter Oliver VanDervoort about the most recent Auburn football win.