Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry: Model Claims Thanksgiving Beating Left Him Unable To Work

Halle Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, is doing everything humanely possibly to keep the judge from drastically reducing the $16,000 in child support payments, payments that Halle wants to see cut to a meager $3,000 a month, as stated in an earlier Inquisitr report.

According to documents obtained exclusively by TMZ, Gabriel Aubry, aka Gabriel Aubrey, has a good reason for not working: Halle Berry’s husband gave him a severe beating that left him unable to find work. The documents filed by Halle Berry’s attorneys also states that there is no real reason that leaves Gabriel Aubry unable to work, since he has enough strength to work out at the local gym while she foots the bill. Listed in the expense document, it is specified that Boomerang beauty Halle Berry pays almost $800 a month for her ex-hubby’s fitness needs, and almost $1,000 for his personal clothing. Health insurance, electronics, and furniture are also listed among the items that Berry pays for out of her pocket.

That beating to which Gabriel Aubry refers occurred over the Thanksgiving holidays in November 2012. That day, Gabriel Aubry went to Berry’s home to drop off Nahla, but things went wrong after Halle Berry’s new man, Oliver Martinez, approached Aubry. According to court documents, a violent fight ensued leaving Gabriel Aubry with an injury to the head, a badly bruised face, and a broken rib.

Once first responders arrived at Halle Berry’s home, Aubry was transported to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. He was later booked into the county jail for misdemeanor battery. That same year, Halle Berry sought a restraining order against Aubry due to his explosive and uncontrollable temper, according to the Huffington Post.

Halle Berry has had a history of volatile relationships in the past. In the 1990s, it came to light that a very famous black Hollywood actor, with whom Halle Berry was romantically involved, struck her so hard that it left her partially deaf in one ear. About that incident, Berry once stated that she would never reveal the name of the actor, though the actor has been outed on many celebrity blogs and celebrity gossip forums.

Here is what Catwoman Halle Berry stated in an old interview with Movieline back in the 1995.

“I have chosen to never give out his name or get into the details but as for whether he lives or dies I could care less.”

[Photo Credit: Twitter]