Next Gaza War Seemingly On The Way Following Palestinian Rocket Fire On Friday

Following rocket fire from Gaza, which was shot down on Friday in the Eshkol region in Israel, the head of the Eshkol Regional Council, Chaim Yelin, said that it’s only a matter of time until the next full-scale Gaza war erupts, which would be the fourth since Israel’s handing over of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians.

According to Yelin, who spoke to reporters, “It doesn’t make a difference to us who fires. Hamas or rebellious groups; we demand a military response against rocket fire on the residents of the state of Israel.”

Yelin also believes that, soon enough, Hamas rockets will be launched against Tel Aviv, as they were during the summer conflict.

“Today it’s in Eshkol, tomorrow in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and the military and diplomatic response needs to be appropriate. The military achievement of Protective Edge is dissipating, with no national outline to give true quiet to the residents of the south and residents of the state of Israel.”

The Israeli Army is yet to find the remains of the rockets they shot down on Friday, although it is widely believed that they fell inside Israel’s borders.

Back in September, Maj. Ran Levy, a social activist who heads the Hadromiyim (The Southerners), an organization fighting for the rights of residents of Israel’s embattled south, accused the IDF of covering up Hamas rockets for political purposes given the current ceasefire.

“I am an officer in the Home Front Command and I say, as a resident of Ashkelon, that there is no such thing as a false alarm and there never was. Once the system identifies a launch, it calculates within a short time the area in which the rocket is expected to fall, so there is no such thing as a false alarm.”

If the rockets from Gaza persist, the IDF will have no option other than to go in hard to weed out and crush the terror networks of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, in order to ensure peace and quiet for the residents of the Jewish State.