WWE News: Randy Orton Not A Fan Of Turning Face, But WWE Still Plans To Turn Him Soon

WWE Superstar and “RKO Outta Nowhere” Vine master Randy Orton has been in the media a lot lately. Orton was rumored to take on WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar for his championship at either Survivor Series or The Royal Rumble. All he had to do was beat John Cena, who wanted the same chance inside Hell in a Cell at the PPV of the same name. Yet Orton didn’t get it done, and many wondered why that was. Why give us Cena/Lesnar for the third time in less than a year?

It appears that WWE did this due to Randy Orton being hurt. He has a ruptured disc in his back and seemed to aggravate it on the go-home RAW before Hell in a Cell. Due to this, the rumor was that WWE planned to put Cena in the match with Lesnar to avoid Orton from getting hurt anymore before WrestleMania 31. The plan was to also turn Orton babyface, which appears to be the plan still. However, the plans on who he is facing off with has changed off and on.

What we know now is that Orton will most likely join John Cena’s team at Survivor Series against the Seth Rollins-led Authority team. It appears that WWE is setting his big turn for the go-home WWE RAW show before Survivor Series.

While WWE is going with the move to turn Orton, it does not seem like he is all for it. Orton responded to a fan on Twitter that said they never wanted to see Orton turn face.

Orton said, “Amen to that RT @Venemous__: I never want @RandyOrton to turn face… It doesn’t suit him…”

Orton was removed from WWE’s upcoming tour of Europe. This was done for two reasons. This gives Orton time to heal up a bit from his injury. Along with that, he is set to star in The Condemned 2: Desert Prey, and will begin filming during this break. The last time Orton filmed a movie, he didn’t take off a lot of time from WWE, so this might be the first time he actually takes a bit of time away to film most of the film. However, we shouldn’t expect to miss him more than a couple weeks from WWE TV.

Orton turning face currently makes sense, as WWE is in need of faces to help the product. WWE has a lot of heels, while two of their top faces in Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan are gone. Now that Bray Wyatt has returned from his absence, we can expect him to have a much larger heel role with WWE soon. That being said, Randy Orton as a face makes sense, even if he is not thrilled with the idea.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]