WWE: The Undertaker Won’t Retire? WWE Denies WWE NXT Rumors

The Undertaker’s retirement won’t be happening soon, with WWE officials denying rumor that the Deadman will become a WWE NXT adviser that would help the development of new WWE superstars.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the official WWE.com website once claimed Roman Reigns may take over The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania. But this was before the other former members of The Shield had a pop in popularity, so it’s possible that Dean Ambrose may take on that role now that the Lunatic Fringe is set to feud with Bray Wyatt.

The reason that The Undertaker’s retirement seemed right around the corner was due to his own words in recent months. Fans attending a Texas Comic Con claim The Undertaker told several people that he doesn’t even plan to attend WrestleMania 31. When Mark Calaway was asked about the possibility of The Undertaker Vs. Sting match happening at WrestleMania 31, he simply shrugged the idea off. But he also added the caveat that he will “never say never” and it’s possible he was just honoring his non-disclosure agreement with the WWE. (It’s also possible Vince McMahon and Triple H haven’t even settled on a choice for the main matches, either.)

So when the rumor came out that The Undertaker would become a NXT adviser, it made complete sense. Backstage news from the WWE even seemed to confirm the reason Calaway accepted the role is because he “will be able to pick and choose the dates that he works and it won’t be anything like a regular full-time role.” The goal for this WWE NXT role was for Taker to “give NXT talents some pointers and help drive the ‘WWE etiquette’ into developmental talents.” It’s also said that the WWE management “wants up-and-coming talents to know what is expected of them if and when they reach the main roster, and they feel Undertaker is the perfect guy to handle that.”

But now an official WWE spokesperson is denying the whole story. According to the Washington Post, the reports of The Undertaker’s NXT role are “inaccurate,” although the same spokesperson would not comment specifically on whether or not The Undertaker was working with Triple H for a WWE NXT nor would they comment on The Undertaker’s retirement from in-ring wrestling.

Of course, “inaccurate” does not not necessarily mean completely false. It’s possible The Undertaker is indeed taking a NXT role but the spokesperson is specifically commenting on the extrapolation about The Undertaker’s retirement from the WWE. The other possibility is that The Undertaker won’t be taking a long term role with the WWE NXT development team, and he’s simply helping for a short while this fall. Either way, here’s hoping The Undertaker’s retirement will not be coming any time soon.