Polygamous Muslims Are Allowed To Have Four Wives On Welfare?

Over the course of Barack Obama’s tenure as President of the United States, Muslims have been receiving more recognition and benefits. As a result, businesses have followed Obama’s lead and they too are catering to Muslim tastes. The Inquisitr reported numerous times when such has taken place. During the month of Ramadan, it was reported that U.S. military personnel on bases in Middle Eastern countries had to follow Sharia Law. As for businesses, some Subway branches no longer serve pork and bacon because they are unclean to Muslims, and some KFC branches no longer provide wet wipes because they contain alcohol, another no-no in Islam.

Now a video has appeared, which states that in Michigan, government offices provide information in Arabic and allow polygamous Muslim men to apply for public assistance benefits for up to four wives. However, is this true?

The video in question was uploaded on the Family Friendly News YouTube channel. The video explains that in Michigan, government offices provide information in Arabic. People who contact government offices through phone are even given the option to talk to a representative or work with an automation in Arabic. Finally, the video states and shows how polygamous Muslim men are allowed to apply for public assistance benefits up to four wives.

The videos has gained some attention thanks to Conservative, Republican, and Tea Party-supportive blogs and websites such as The Conservative Citizen and Girls Just Wanna Have Guns. However, the authenticity of the video is in question, especially since major news organization (including the ones that are more Conservative, Republican, and/or Tea Party-supportive such as Fox News) haven’t reported on this video. So is it true?

Snopes, a website well-known for investigating the authenticity of claims and rumors, checked in on the video, and found that the video’s authenticity is mixed. This means parts of the video are true while others are false.

The part of the video that is true is that some Michigan government offices do provide information and services in Arabic. Taking into account that Michigan has one of the highest Arab populations in the United States, especially in Dearborn, it is understandable why government offices offer said information and services in Arab. What is false is Muslim men being able to apply for public assistance up to four wives. In general, it is true that there are families that participate in polygamous relationships, but only one partner can be legally recognized as a spouse in such circumstances. Not to mention, there are a lot of regulations, statues, and requirements that must be recognized and met to receive public assistance.

Now that you know that Muslims in Michigan are not allowed to apply for public assistance up to four wives, what are your views on it? As a taxpayer, whose portion of taxes go to public assistance, how do you fell about this? How would you feel if it were true?

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