KFC Now Muslim-Friendly, Employee Explodes With Rage When Customer Asks For Bacon [Video]

Despite the association Muslims may have with terrorism, especially with Hamas and ISIS, many companies around the world are adjusting their businesses to be sensitive to their beliefs and practices. Here on The Inquisitr, we’ve reported about companies that have catered to Islam. This includes popular restaurant Subway removing ham and pork from select stores due to Islamic demand, and even the United States military submitting to Sharia Law during Ramadan.

With more and more restaurants appealing to Muslims — quite possibly without any real announcements to the general public — it should be understandable if someone were to ask or do something that is not necessarily bad but definitely not Muslim-friendly… such as eating bacon. For a customer at a KFC, they found that out the hard way.

According to an article by 9 News through The Blaze, a worker at a KFC restaurant in Sydney, Australia, has been suspended for going on a violent, curse-laden tirade right after a customer simply asked for bacon. The customer was not aware that the KFC they were in was Halal-friendly, which means it does not serve bacon or pork in accordance with Islamic law.

For that customer, they were a-okay with the first employee they conversed with in the restaurant. As a matter of fact, the first employee was nice and simply stated they do not have bacon. That is when another employee came in with the fires of wrath flowing through his veins while screaming profanities.

“Don’t record me b***h! Don’t f***ing record me!”

The video of the incident can be viewed below, which also includes the wrathful Muslim’s actions when the first employee tries to calm him down. However, the damage was done as he destroys KFC’s property — specifically a display — and even threatens to harm the employee.

“I’m gonna f***in’ break your head bro!”

A spokesman for KFC Australia did state that the disgruntled Muslim employee was suspended and offered counseling. He also explained that KFC condemns the behavior shown by their employee, and sincerely apologizes for the inappropriate reaction.

You can view the video of the KFC Muslim employee exploding in a fit of rage at the customer below. Warning: The clip contais foul language.

Mad World News recently followed up on the article, adding a question to their report. They ask how long will it be before restaurants here in America start pulling bacon from their menu in an attempt to appease Muslims. We want to hear from you about this topic. Should restaurants appease Muslims and remove bacon and pork permanently, or should Muslims just simply request their food to have no bacon or pork? Please let us know in the comments below.

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