Rob Blagojevich Sentencing Scheduled For Dec. 6

Rod Blagojevich and his wonderful mop top of craziness will be sentenced in Chicago on December 6 according to a statement released by his lawyer on Monday.

During the former Illlinois Governor’s retrial earlier this year he was convicted on 17 of 20 corruption charges including an extortion attempt to sell President Barack Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat. During his first trial jury members were only able to find the former governor guilty of one count, lying to FBI officials.

The former Governor’s attorney Sheldon Sorosky says the sentencing process could last up to two days as both sides will argue over the appropriate punishment for the Governor’s actions.

If sentenced to the maximum term for all his charges Blagojevich could be sentenced up to 305 years although he will likely face a far more lenient sentence of around 10 years based on federal guidelines.

Blagojevich was originally set for an Oct. 6 sentencing however the judge in his case was also set to sentence another Illinois political powerbroker William Cellini on that day in the same Chicago courtroom. Last week Cellini was convicted of attempting to squeeze $1.5 million the from producer of “Million Dollar Baby.” Cellini was the last of the Blagojevich camp trials stemming from a decade-long federal investigation.

Do you think Rod Blagojevich should be sentenced to a shorter or longer time behind bars or should he get probation like his legal team has requested?

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