Blagojevich Seeks Trial Number Three Due to “Avalanche of Errors”

Despite some pretty damning evidence that disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich tried to sell the vacated Senate seat of Barack Obama, the ex-politician’s lawyers are seeking a third trial in the corruption case.

For instance, one recording revealed Blagojevich stating that President Obama’s seat was “…a f***ing valuable thing, you just don’t give it away for nothing,” and last month, he was convicted on 17 out of 20 corruption counts. But Blagojevich’s lawyers are expected to appear before a judge today at a hearing following the filing of a motion for a new trial.

The erstwhile governor’s attorneys plan to make some hefty accusations:

…they filed a hefty 158 page motion detailing their perceived “avalanche of errors” in the retrial.

Among them are claims that, “manipulation by the government led to the improper exclusion of potential jurors. ” And that, “the Court essentially denied all of the defense’s motions.”

As Blagojevich’s lawyers are slated to argue for the new trial, a local paper observed:

The other reason Blagojevich’s name was so fitting on those signs was that he and the tollway had identical functions in life: pay to play… Just as former Gov. Blagojevich and his cronies once required of a racetrack owner and a hospital CEO, the tollways require the same of motorists: if you want to proceed, pay up. If not, the light stays red. Maybe if Mr. Blagojevich had used that business-as-usual analogy as his defense, he would have gotten off.

Do you think Blagojevich deserves a third chance in court?

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