Nicole Franzel, Hayden Voss Update: Are The 'Big Brother 16' Stars Still Together?

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, fans of Big Brother 16 will get to see some of their favorite houseguests. Hayden Voss, Nicole Franzel and quite a few more will be taking part in the soap opera's Halloween episodes. That leaves many BB16 fans wondering how Nicole and Hayden are doing these days. Are they still a couple?

Once look at Nicole Franzel's Instagram page shows that she and Hayden are definitely together and seem to be doing well. The Big Brother 16 stars are spending much of their time together from the looks of things, heading out for Halloween, doing a cute photo shoot together and just being silly. Hayden Voss' Instagram page looks about the same, with many pictures of his lady.

Nicole and Hayden may have taken things fairly slowly inside the Big Brother 16 house but they kicked things up a notch once they both got to the jury house. Now more than a month after the BB16 finale aired, they're still very much together and seemingly having a blast.

As Big Brother Network notes, Hayden and Nicole are quite flirty and playful with one another on Twitter as well as Instagram. They've done some fan events together along with other houseguests and it seems they've done plenty of traveling to visit one another as well.

For now it seems that this is still a long-distance love, with Nicole based in Michigan and Hayden living in California. During the finale backyard interviews, Nicole revealed that they had already been talking about the geographical challenges to becoming a couple. In fact, Franzel indicated that both BB16 stars were open to a move, perhaps starting somewhere entirely fresh to both of them, like Chicago.

While fans are anxious to know what the future holds for these two, it would seem the Big Brother 16 stars aren't rushing into anything. It seems pretty clear from the updates they post on social media that their relationship is blossoming and they're having fun, and there's plenty of time to get more serious and start making big moves.

Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful this week to see Hayden and Nicole along with a number of other Big Brother 16 stars in the Halloween episodes. Others appearing alongside Nicole Franzel and Hayden Voss will be Donny Thompson, Caleb Reynolds, Zach Rance and a few others like Jordan Lloyd, Jeff Schroeder and more fan favorites.

[Image via Nicole Franzel's Instagram]