Watch 'Nervous Chevy Guy' Executive Stumble Through World Series MVP Presentation

Professional athletes learn quickly that giving on-the-field interviews, being a part of pre- and post-game ceremonies, and speaking to the camera in general is just part of the job. And while some do it better than others, most manage to pull it off. But for pencil-pushing executives who spend their careers behind a desk, getting in front of a camera, in front of tens of millions of viewers, can be a little nerve-wracking as Chevy executive Rikk Wilde learned the hard way last night.

The Chevy "zone manager" (whatever that is) was likely pretty excited when he found out from his bosses that he would be given the job of presenting a 2015, fully-loaded Chevy Colorado to the eventual World Series MVP (which, as it turned out, would be Madison Bumgarner). In the video, which reaches almost painful levels of awkward, Mr. Wilde tries vainly to get through his script as Bumgarner miraculously keeps a straight face, before the Chevy manager devolves into near gibberish. The highlight, if it can be called that, is when Mr. Nervous Chevy Guy describes Bumgarner's new tricked out Chevy as full of "technology and stuff."

As with all awkward moments captured on video, this one is becoming a viral hit. The hashtags #ChevyGuy and #technologyandstuff have quickly become popular memes on social media. In particular, the internet seems to have picked up on Nervous Chevy Guy's uncanny resemblance to late Saturday Night Live performer Chris Farley. Or Tornoto Mayor Rob Ford - both guys are blowing up on Twitter with comparisons to Nervous Chevy Guy.

Others took a more historical approach.The best responses to Nervous Chevy Guy have come from the Chevrolet people themselves - or at least, whoever manages Chevy's Twitter account.Unfortunately for Madison Bumgarner, his new Chevy Colorado full of Technology and Stuff, presented by Nervous Chevy Guy, has been recalled, according to Bleacher Report.

[Image courtesy of: Klicklewis Cars]