Retired Homeowner Shoots Two Female Intruders [Video]

A retired man, 60, was inside his home Wednesday in Atascocita, Texas when two females began banging on his door, according to Your Houston News. It was just past noon in a quiet and normally peaceful neighborhood.

The homeowner, who at this time remains anonymous, never answers his door during the day, according to Harris County Precinct 4 Lt. Walter Stensland's statement to Click 2 Houston.

Thinking no one was home, the two female suspects began throwing rocks at a window. That is when the first 911 call was made by the homeowner, per ABC 13, when he told police that someone was trying to break into his home.

Lt. Stensland states what happened.

"They knocked on the door several times. There was no answer and at that time they obviously didn't think anyone was there and they broke a window and gained entry."
As the two intruders broke the window by the front door, and began unlocking the door, that is when the homeowner made his second call to 911 informing them he had a shotgun.

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When the two intruders opened his front door and began entering his home, the retiree opened fire shooting both females in the torso with his 20-gauge shotgun, as per Click 2 Houston. "One was still inside the house and the other one had fled outside the house and collapsed in the yard across the street," Stensland said.

Police have not released the identity of the two females, but have only said they are black females, one is 17-years-old and the other in her mid-twenties, as reported by Your Houston News.

Investigators discovered the car the two suspects had been driving and had parked in front of the house they intended to rob was reported stolen earlier that morning.

The homeowner's neighbors are standing behind him and support his actions completely. One neighbor who wants to remain unidentified told ABC 13, "You lose all of your personal rights, when you decide to do something like that." Another neighbor, Derenda Carr, agrees completely, according to what she told KHOU News.

"You break into someone's house, I believe you deserve to get shot. Cops don't get there in time; there's no way they would've got there in time."
As reported by ABC 13, both suspects were airlifted by LifeFlight to Memorial Hermann Hospital, both in critical condition, although both are expected to live. The females have most likely sustained lifelong injuries. The older may be paralyzed and the 17-year-old may lose an arm.

As for the homeowner, he is uninjured. The man has been questioned by authorities and now the proper protocol is for the case to be referred to a grand jury, according to a report made to KHOU News by Harris County sheriff's officials.

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