Bill Klein Of 'The Little Couple' Recovering From Surgery, Dr. Jen Arnold Updates Fans

Fans of The Little Couple have been feeling a bit worried for their favorite family after Bill Klein needed to undergo surgery recently. Though fans don't know all of the specifics, Dr. Jen Arnold has been sharing a few updates on her husband and fans are grateful for the news. Luckily, Arnold's latest update indicates that the family is home now.

Arnold has been sharing some posts over the past week or so regarding Klein's need for surgery in New York. It seems that the full The Little Couple family traveled to NYC for the surgery and it took a few days for him to be able to be released. Now, Jen shares that they are home and on the road to recovery.

The Little Couple viewers are relieved to know the family is home and they are hopeful that Bill's recovery is swift. During the time Klein was in the hospital, he mentioned via Twitter that there had been a delay in his discharge. In his always optimistic way of looking at things, Bill naturally noted that it was better late than never.

Both Jen and Bill have thanked their doctors and full team at the Hospital for Special Surgery where Klein received his surgery. Though The Little Couple stars haven't gone into specifics regarding Bill's surgery, HSS is said to specialize in the field of orthopedics, so it may be something of that nature that Bill needed done.

The past year has been a complicated and challenging one for Jen and Bill. Not only did they adjust to life as parents to two adorable toddlers with Will and Zoey, Jen battled and beat an aggressive cancer. At this point, it seems that she has been able to remain healthy and that the kids are doing well. Hopefully, whatever has happened with Bill is something that will not cause any long-term or ongoing issues for the family.

Whether the show is airing new episodes or going through its off-season, fans adore Jen, Bill, Will and Zoey. Arnold's post about being home and on the road to recovery garnered more than 16,000 likes and almost 900 comments in just over a day, and that's just the post on Facebook. Even without knowing much in the way of details, fans adore this family and lend their full support at every turn.

Not long ago, Jen said that they had started filming a new season of The Little Couple, but so far TLC hasn't indicated when the show will return. Hopefully, when the show is back, fans will see that Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will and Zoey are all thriving and healthy.

[Image via TLC]