Mother Drinks While Kids Trick-Or-Treat, Son Has Her Busted For Driving Drunk

Karlene Trudell

A Wisconsin teen called police to report his mother on Sunday when she drove intoxicated to take them home after trick-or-treat.

According to Fox6Now, The 41-year old Pewaukee mother, Cindy Wadd, apparently decided to treat herself while her kids were out Sunday evening trick-or-treating. After they were done, she left to drive her three children, ages 9, 13, and 17, to their father's house in West Allis.

According to her 17-year-old son, Wadd was driving erratically and her children were asking her to stop. The boy finally convinced her to pull over in the Brookfield Square Mall parking lot, where he got out of the vehicle and called the police.

The boy told police that he believed his mother was intoxicated because they had seen her drinking while he and his brother and sister were trick-or-treating. He said that, at one point, she had driven off the road causing the back wheel of the vehicle to go into a ditch.

The children's father, Robert Regalia, told Fox6Now that he has custody of the children, and Wadd has them every other Sunday. He said his son also called him after they went trick-or-treating, expressing his concerns over his mother's driving. Regalia advised him to call 911 immediately.

"I'm surprised. I'm happy she didn't kill anybody. As soon as he called (I was) on my way. I hopped in the car instantly – no questions asked. I guess they were begging her to pull over and she was arguing with them and almost hit a couple cars on the way arguing to pull over. I said 'you need to call 911 before she kills your sister and herself and who knows who else,'" he said.

One of the younger children told police he had asked his mom not to drink while they were trick-or-treating, but she had told him she "was an adult and could make her own decisions."

When police arrived and asked Wadd to exit the vehicle, they reported that she was stumbling, confused, and glassy-eyed. They also reported that they could smell alcohol on her.

She originally told police that she didn't know how she had ended up in the mall parking lot, saying that she had been headed to her ex-husband's home to drop of the children. She eventually told them that her 17-year-old son had told her he didn't want to be in the vehicle with her anymore and had ask her to pull into the mall parking lot so he could get out.

When asked if she had had anything to drink that day, Wadd told the police she had one Mike's Hard Lemonade – but her children told a different story.

Wadd blew a.189 on a breathalyzer tests, and was placed under arrest for driving under the influence, driving with a revoked license, and failure to install an ignition interlock device. Her hearing is set for December 11.

This isn't the first mother to put her kids in danger with such a reckless stunt. According to the Mail Online, a 9-year-old Connecticut girl called police two years ago to report that she was afraid something was wrong with her mother, who had driven her and her sibling around to trick-or-treat that evening under the influence of both drugs and alcohol. And the Inqusitr carried the story of this Florida woman in September, who attempted to pick up her kid from school so drunk that school personnel wouldn't allow her to put the child in the car with her.

[Images via Fox6Now and Friedman Law Offices]