WWE News: Shelton Benjamin’s ‘Mom’ Claims She Was Sexually Harassed While Working In WWE

Former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin was known as the “best athlete” in WWE while on the roster. He had a lot of great matches, but never went anywhere past the mid-card. Many wonder why. There are quite a number of people who claim racism was the reason Benjamin was left behind, but many cite his horrific mic work and lack of charisma as the main issue.

WWE tried to help Benjamin out a bit by having his “Momma” appear on episodes of WWE RAW. There was hope that it would give him a character. This move by WWE was to not only give Shelton more TV time, but to see what he could do when he was given more to work with. Basically WWE had Benjamin go on a losing streak, one that was getting out of hand. So Benjamin’s Momma came to make sure he didn’t lose. Every time he did however, she would slap him and/or yell at him on screen. It was quite funny but a bit stupid.

Eventually Shelton’s mom helped him win matches and this led into him going from a face character into a heel. Benjamin then ended up winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship, one of three he’d hold in his time with the company.

While it was obvious, Benjamin’s mom on television was not his mom in real life. She was played by comedian Thea Vidale.

Vidale has appeared on various TV shows such as Ellen, The Drew Carey Show, My Wife and Kids, and The Wayans Bros. She even appeared as Helen’s Grandmother on the Nickelodeon TV Show Drake and Josh. That being said, she has quite the resume. So she was a perfect fit for a crazy live show each week. The problem is, things didn’t go well for her while she was in WWE. In fact, her run went badly.

Thea Vidale

She seemingly left WWE overnight, as she didn’t spent as much time as she could have. WWE officially wrote her off TV by having her say that she needed heart surgery and she claimed she would not return again.

It seemed weird that she left so randomly, but now there is new information as to why that could be.

Thea spoke about what happened when she was in WWE in an interview with Neal Morgan. She noted that her run in WWE was one of the low points of her career.

“I genuinely hated that place. While I was there I was sexually harassed everyday by a perverted middle aged man that didn’t understand what no meant.”

She went on to claim something even worse, and while she did not name anyone, the visual just seems awful for her.

“It was disgusting, I’ll never forget the day he came into my changing area with his private parts hanging out of his pants. I made up my mind at that point I was done with that company.”

No one can blame her for leaving over this. There have been rumors of issues like this happened in the WWE locker room before. WWE Divas have even claimed there is some sexual harassment problems in the company. Some men have claimed similar. While it does not appear that Vidale took any legal action against WWE for the ordeal, she at least shed light on a problem.

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