Mariah Yeater Accused Another Guy Of Getting Her Pregnant Before Suing Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber isn’t the first guy Mariah Yeater accused of impregnating her, in Las Vegas court papers it has been revealed that the California resident was arrested on December 21, 2010 after she started a fight with a male who she accused of getting her pregnant

According to court records after the first accused male denied her accusation she began slapping him, Yeater was eventually handcuffed and arrested for assault.

The December 21 court documents also show that Yeater was charged with battery domestic violence, injury/destroying property of another and making threatening telephone calls.

Since her accusations have shifted towards Justin Bieber the teen heartthrob has denied her accusations by stating:

“I’d just like to say basically that none of those allegations are true … I know that I’m gonna be a target – but I’m never gonna be a victim … I think that it’s just crazy because every night I’ve gone right from the stage to my car … It’s crazy that some people want to make up false allegations. But to set the record straight – none of this is true.”

One of Yeater’s relatives has recently revealed that she nearly gave her child up for adoption and never mentioned that Justin Bieber was the father.

Bieber is expected to appear in court later this year where his lawyer’s will fight against Mariah Yeater’s paternity claim.

In other Bieber news rumors about a Selena Gomez split have been denied by various sources.