Caffeinated Beef Jerky Being Tested By U.S. Army

A cup of coffee can keep a soldier awake when their near exhaustion there’s just one problem it doesn’t really offer any nutritional value, that’s where the Army’s new beefy jerky comes into play.

Still in the experimental stages the jerky sticks offer the same expected taste of beef jerky with a one cup of coffee equivalent worth of caffeine.

If the beef jerky goes over well the Army will likely add it to a new menu they are attempting to create in order offer better options than their Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) options.

In another strange offering the Army is also testing Zapplesauce, an applesauce offering that is mixed with the complex carbohydrate Maltodextrin.

According to the Newser:

The Army has been attempting to make the meals tastier. Some new additions include feta cheese with tomatoes, ratatouille, and Irish cream coffee. Food technologists reportedly studied TGI Friday’s and Applebee’s menu items to get ideas.

While it’s still yet to be seen which MRE’s will become part of a nutritional balanced diet for U.S. Army personnel an Army lab just outside of Boston, Mass., has been working to create cuisine that offers high nutritional value while injecting their food with anti-inflammatory agents, energy supplements, vitamins and other helpful additives.

Perhaps 5-Hour Energy can adapt this new technique for their next consumer friendly on-the-go energy booster and snack option.

Would you be willing to scarf down a caffeinated piece of beef jerky or perhaps eat quick to consume foods that contain other unique and healthy options?

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