November 9, 2016
TNA News: Kurt Angle Has Signed A New Contract With TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling has managed to do some... interesting things as of late. Such as recording all of their shows for the rest of the year already, which expire sometime next month. Spike TV will be running highlight shows after this until TNA is no longer on their network. While TNA has claimed they have many potential network suitors, they have yet to make a deal with anyone. Dixie Carter mentioned that she had a "major announcement" upcoming, which most TNA fans hoped would be a TV deal. Oh, that is cute that you thought such blasphemy.

No, in fact the big announcement TNA President Dixie Carter was hyping fans up about is none other than re-signing of TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. Because there is nothing major like signing a guy you thought would be gone already. Yet, we do not know if he will have a place to wrestle any time soon.

The details of Angle's deal with TNA look to be in favor of the Olympic Gold Medalist. He will be working a part-time role with TNA, similar to what Chris Jericho does with WWE. He will be working with TNA a good portion of the time, but having off-time to work in Hollywood on movie projects that he has been either signed for or could be signed for.

Angle mentioned that the next place he signed would be his last, and that the deal would be for one year. It is said that the deal is one year, but that cannot be confirmed. Kurt told the world that he spoke with WWE about a return, but they wanted him to work a full-time schedule. This seems HIGHLY unlikely.

They have signed people such as Chris Jericho, RVD, and Batista in the last few years, all of whom work full-time for a few months and then take time off. Brock Lesnar, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, even has a per-date deal with WWE. So it makes absolutely no sense that WWE would offer Kurt a full-time deal only when they had plenty of room for him as a part-time guy similar to a Jericho type.

The worst part of this whole situation is that TNA, even with Angle, might not be around as long as we'd hope. If Angle is Carter's big announcement, it would not surprise anyone. TNA is known for teasing announcements but giving us crap when they come. Everyone took what she said with a grain of salt, because how could you not? Now Kurt is back with the company, but TNA's future is still uncertain.

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