Japanese Engineers Create Real Life Transformer That Turns From A Robot Into A Car! [Video]

It is possibly every movie buff’s dream to own a Transformer – you know, the kind that you have seen in the famous Transformers series of movies. The dream to own your personal walking and talking robot sidekick that when required, can also transform into a car is compelling. To recreate the high quality animation that you have seen in all of the Transformers movie series in real life is however easier said than done. But a couple Japanese robotics firms seem to be on their way to create a working Transformer robot – and they have video evidence to prove it! A video posted by them on to YouTube recently shows their first working Transformer prototype in action.

In the video, the fully functional walking robot transforms into a car within a few seconds. Of course, the manner in which it accomplishes the transformation is still very quirky – but has still left many people impressed. Also, since this is just the first prototype, it is to be expected that future versions would be far more efficient in accomplishing the transformation.

The people behind the world’s first real life Transformer are Japanese engineers Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki. The Robotic companies that have pooled in to support them are Brave Robotics, Asratec, and Takara Tommy, reports Geek.com.

As for the name of this functional Transformer robot, it has been officially christened J-deite Quarter, reports Car Throttle. The first prototype is a one-fourth scale model of a Transformer robot and stands only a few feet tall. The engineers have however confirmed that they are also working on a version that would stand over eight feet tall and come closer to the size of a mid-sized Transformer. As for J-deite Quarter, it stands just over four feet three inches tall when it is in the robot mode. It takes nearly 30 seconds for it to transform in to a car. And as you might have already seen by now, the transformation process isn’t fluid either. In robot mode, J-deite Quarter is capable of walking and can attain speeds of up to 1 km/hr. When the robot transforms into a car, it can travel at a decent 10 km/hr. Not that fast – but hey, this is just the first prototype!

Apart from working on the intricate mechanism that is needed to create such a complex robot, the Japanese engineers have also created their own operating system to power the world’s first real-life Transformers. The engineers’ ultimate goal is to design a full scale version of the Transformer robot that would stand 16.4 meters tall. However, don’t expect it to come soon. The closest you would be able to get one of these would be sometime in 2020!

In the meantime, you can try meeting the current real life human Transformer who is actually a street performer from the U.S. or be content with these origami Transformer robots about which the Inquisitr had reported a few days ago!

[Image Via YouTube]