Video Of The Human Transformer Performing On Ann Arbor Street Goes Viral

The video of the human transformer performing on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan has gone viral after a passerby recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube. The video which was uploaded to YouTube on May 16, 2014 has notched up over 2.5 million views as we file this report.

According to Mlive, the human transformer happens to be 28-year-old Joslyn Paige, who is originally from New Orleans. In a separate interview to the Detroit Free Press, Joslyn revealed that his amazing human transformer costume was home-made and that it cost him $700-$800 to make. It is a mind-blowing sight to see the human transformer transform in to a car within a matter of seconds – just like you have seen in the original Transformers movie series.

In the interview, the human transformer revealed that he plans to stay in Ann Harbor all summer enthralling crowds in the area. He adds that one of the reasons for moving to Ann Arbor was the weather conditions there. New Orleans, at this time of the year tends to get hot and humid – and more so when he is out performing in that costume out in the sun. He adds that children and adults alike like his act. It has not been all rosy for the performer who has once been attacked by a thug in the midst of a performance. He also talks about lean patches on some days when he doesn’t make much money.

Happy children surround the Human Transformer after a performance

You can read the entire interview here.

Meanwhile, the uploader of the video has in his video description in a kind gesture told that he would be sharing whatever revenue he gets from the YouTube upload, with Joslyn. The human transformer also has his own Facebook page where he updates his activity on a daily basis. That page has taken off after the video went viral. The page is called the “NOLATron“.

What do you think about this human transformer and his working costume? Isn’t it awesome?

[Image via YouTube]

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