Judge William Adams Will Not Face Abuse Charges

Judge William Adams, the Texas Judge who was videotaped beating his 16-year-old daughter, will not face abuse charges. Hillary Adams, now 23, released the 7-year-old tape earlier this week. Police say that Adams will not face charges since the five year statute of limitatons has expired.

Chief Jayroe said that if the video had been released earlier Judge William Adams would have likely faced jail time. Jayroe said:

“We believe that there was a criminal offence involved and that there was substantial evidence to indicate that and under normal circumstances – a charge could have been made.”

The video, which shows Adams savagely beating his teenage daughter for over 7 minutes, was uploaded to Youtube earlier this week. The video has been viewed more than three million times and has caused an uproar in the online community.

Hillary said that she waited so long to upload the video because she feared for the safety of her mother and sister. Hillary also said that her father was in denial of his abuse and dared her to post the video.

Judge William Adams may have escaped criminal punishment, but according to the Daily Mail, he still faces a probe by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct.

After the video was posted Adams said that the beating looked worse on tape. Adams said:

“I haven’t done anything wrong except discipline my child after she was caught stealing and I did lose my temper. It happened years ago. … I apologized. It’s not as bad as it looks on tape.”

Adams also said that Hillary wasn’t telling the whole story. Adams released a statement yesterday saying that his daughter posted the video because he refused to support her financially?

Adams said in a statement:

“Just prior to the YouTube upload, a concerned father shared with his 23-year-old daughter that he was unwilling to continue to work hard and be her primary source of financial support, if she was going to simply `drop out,’ and strive to achieve no more in life than to work part time at a video game store. Hillary warned her father if he reduced her financial support, and took away her Mercedes automobile, which her father had provided, he would live to regret it.”

Did Hillary try to blackmail her father? Does it matter?

Are you upset that Judge William Adams will not face criminal charges for beating his daughter?