'Star Wars Episode 7' Concept Art Leak Teases New Plot Secrets

Star Wars Episode 7 is bringing the force back to the big screen next year, and fans want to know everything they can about the film before it is released. Fans wanting to know more have been given a new glimpse at the film with a leak of film concept art. This art leak for Star Wars Episode 7 gives fans a look at some of the characters in this new film. International Business Times reported on the newly leaked Star Wars concept art.

What do these new pieces of Star Wars Episode 7 art reveal? One of the biggest revelations shown in the concept art first shared by TheForce.net is the film's villain. The big bad for Episode 7 is a character called the Inquisitor. He is shown in a few different art pieces. He is a cyborg that will meet the character played by Daisy Ridley. Speculation about the actresses' role has her character named Kira. She will find Luke's lightsaber, which was given to him by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first Star Wars film.

Her discovery will start her on a mission to find Luke Skywalker. However, before she finds him, she will find the Inquisitor. It is rumored that she will be turned to the dark side. The Inquisitor is the focus of another rumor. According to Movie Pilot, speculation on the Internet has Luke Skywalker behind the dark character. That has not been confirmed.

However, the concept art does give fans a bit more insight into the film. Chewbacca is featured in two of the photos, and he has a bionic hand. However, it is not known how he lost his hand.

Some of the new concept art also shows Han Solo, who is played by Harrison Ford once again, and he is featured in storm trooper gear and wearing an outfit that is an updated model of the clothes he wore in the first film.

Fans will also see epic battles between fighters in the air. Concept art for the rebel starships reveal that the new ships are not as fancy looking as the ships in the earlier films. According to Making Star Wars, the new E-Wings "have very straight lines and none of the artisanship of the prequel era." In fact, starships for Star Wars Episode 7 look "mass produced."

This concept art has not been confirmed as belonging to the film, but details from the film are being highly guarded. However, one reveal has been made recently. Inquisitr reported recently that the film is heading into the final weeks of production. Production on Star Wars Episode 7 will wrap in early November.

Production on the film did slow down for a bit while the crew dealt with a few issues. Harrison Ford was injured during the early weeks of production, but he returned to filming after some downtime for recovery.

What do you think? Are you ready for the release of Star Wars Episode 7?

[Photo: TheForce.net]