‘Star Wars Episode 7’ Filming To End In Three Weeks, But Rumors Run Rampant Still…

The ‘Star Wars Episode 7’ galaxy is still far, far away, but the movie is almost done filming.

According to Movie Pilot, as well as other sources, Star Wars Episode 7 will see Han Solo once again donning a Stormtrooper uniform. Scenes were being shot this week that involved what seems to be an Imperial stronghold, and our two favorite rogues in the middle of the fray. While it’s said that there’s a third character involved, it hasn’t been implied who that is, so after years of waiting, we might just get to see a classic Han and Chewie adventure.

The earliest reports on the film said that Han Solo would have a pretty substantial role in the film, rumored to be the first character that our new heroes seek out after finding Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber.

With rumors of a Han Solo spinoff trilogy making the rounds, showing the two of them working together on their own missions could hint at what’s to come when we see the young Corellian’s solo debut.

One last thing: for anyone who might be doubting the 72-year-old Ford’s ability to take on a heavy action sequence, remember that this guy continues to maintain a strict workout/diet regimen and still did most of his own stunts in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Meanwhile, Latin Post is reporting that Yoda and the planet Dagobah may play an integral role in Star Wars Episode 7.

There are rumors that Luke is actually hiding on Dagobah, the planet where he originally met Yoda, and it would probably be the ideal way to reintroduce the iconic character. He may be dead, but as Obi-Wan proved, force ghosts can materialize when needed to give their friends help and advice. If rumors are true and Luke is struggling with containing the darkness within him, then who better to provide him with some guidance than the green Jedi Master himself? If Darth Vader is getting a cameo in a flashback and through the appearance of his mask, then Yoda should be able to find the pathway from the other side to communicate with and, perhaps, help Luke in his quest.

Not only is Yoda presented as a puppet, but he also gets chance to return to the place that he never should have left — Dagobah. It would be the ultimately fan service and the right way to honor a fan favorite.

From a marketing perspective, this is a no-brainer for Disney. Bringing back Yoda gives them a memorable character that people remember and will gravitate towards. The same goes for Vader and it seems that the company is already pulling out the stops on that one.

Of course, the film is close to wrapping and there is no knowing whether there is any hope that this will happen. It should be interesting to see how and if this develops.

[Image courtesy of Sportify]