Animal Cruelty: Gaunt, Neglected Pit Bull Puppy Found In Ohio

Pit bulls and animal cruelty, unfortunately, seem to go hand in hand, as much or more than all breeds of canines. In a month meant to bring awareness to what many see as misinformation about a specific breed of dog, it is unfortunate to see another case of animal cruelty. WKYC 3 News reports that a severely neglected and malnourished pit bull was found left for dead in an Ohio street.

“The animal warden with the Garfield Heights said a male Pit Bull, between six to seven months old, was found at 4877 E. 85th St.”

The pit bull puppy is currently being housed at Garfield Heights Animal Control with the warden nursing the pit bull pup back to health. According to Northeast Ohio Media Group News, animal control warden Bonnie Hackett found the neglected pit bull puppy on Sunday and stated that he only weighs 38 pounds. Warden Hackett said the puppy was not wearing any tags at the time of being found.

The neglected pit bull is suffering from three different intestinal parasites. The puppy is on a 10-day specific medicine and food regimen to alleviate the parasitic issue. The veterinarian on staff is also trying to coax the shy, apprehensive pit bull out of the frightened responses he is exhibiting. The warden says the puppy is timid and has no social skills. It is possible that it will be a long time before he enjoys being touched and being around people.

“I sit with him and talk to him and touch him a little bit so he knows that people aren’t going to hurt him. We’re hoping he comes out of the shell that he’s in before we put him up for adoption.”

The warden also said that they intend to try to find him a quiet foster home through GM Hart, a local animal shelter. Warden Hackett expressed that she encounters many pit bulls on the job, and all of them she has dealt with have been very friendly.

“Any aggressive behavior is largely a result of how a dog of any breed is treated and trained by its owner. It could be a little Chihuahua up to a 200-pound English mastiff. It doesn’t matter the breed of the dog; it matters how they’re cared for.”

This case comes just ten days after a very convoluted case out of California, where a pit bull was viciously slashed, sliced, and beaten over the head with a shovel, is still being investigated. Both of those follow two separate cases last month of Sarge the pit bull left for dead with an arrow in it’s belly, and two pit bull puppies who were left for dead in New Jersey, according to The Inquisitr.

[Image Via Garfield Heights Animal Control]