Pit bulls Left For Dead In Paterson, One Finds A New Home

Pit bulls, you either love them or hate them, but there is no mistaking the fact that they are constantly being used for fighting or are severely mistreated.

Just last month, The Inquisitr reported on two brothers who tortured and murdered their own family’s Pit bull. As part of their testimony before open court, they described how they hung and dangled their Pit bull from the roof of the family home.

A few weeks earlier, another Pit bull had an arrow shot through him and was left for dead.

“Smith and Bowen initially thought the dog had been shot with a gun. A veterinarian later determined the dog had been shot by an arrow – likely titanium or aluminum, as there were no wood fragments found inside the dog.”

However, that that Pit bull was far more fortunate as the police brought him to a shelter and his original owner has come to claim him. In this most recent incident, two Pit bull puppies were left for dead in a park in Paterson, New Jersey.

NBC 4, out of New York, reported on the find.

“Authorities are looking for the person who apparently neglected, abused and dumped the puppies. A jogger found the 6-month-old pit bull mixes at East Side Park in Paterson at about 5 a.m., according to officials. The pups should normally weigh about 50 pounds each, but they each barely hit 14 on the scale.”

Workers at Paterson Animal Control, nicknamed the Pit bull pups Bugsy and Bunny. They are brother and sister. When they were found, reports indicated that Bunny was protecting and comforting her brother Bugsy. At that time Bugsy, the male Pit bull, was so severely malnourished that he could not stand.


Sadly, for Bugsy, help came too late. NJ.com reports that the Second Chance Animal Adoption league posted from Facebook that Bugsy was so ill that he could not eat or drink, so they made the decision to put him down just one day after he was found severely mistreated in the park with his sister.

“His condition continued to decline throughout the day despite aggressive treatment, he couldn’t eat or drink and we and our vets had to make the tough decision to let him go.”

However, Bunny the female Pit bull has made a nice recovery. With even better news, NJ.com reports that Second Chance Animal Adoption league has found a new home for the female Pit bull puppy.

“Her new mom met her today and spent over an hour playing with her and bonding. She will be spayed this week and go home next weekend!”

They completed the post and happy ending to this story by suggesting the story of Bunny the Pit bull be used an incentive for others to adopt the poor, mistreated animals at shelters.

“We hope everyone who applied to adopt this little survivor will consider opening their home to another homeless local dog in need.”

A $1000 reward was posted, but still has yet to lead to an arrest. Any information should be directed to the Paterson Animal Control.

Hopefully, the perpetrators are found and brought to justice.

[ Images Via Second Chance Adopt League ]

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