Jim Carrey Meets Ace Ventura, Fire Marshall Bill In SNL ‘Family Reunion’ [Video]

Jim Carrey hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend for the third time.

There were quite a few good sketches featuring the 52-year old actor throughout the Saturday Night Live broadcast. However, perhaps the most memorable was one of the earlier sketches, “Carrey Family Reunion.”

In this sketch, Jim Carrey comes face-to-face with many of the iconic characters that he has played on the big (and small) screen over the years in one way or another — including Ace Ventura, Fire Marshall Bill, Stanley Ipkiss (aka The Mask), and Chip Douglas/Larry Tate (aka The Cable Guy).

Even though the actual character names were not used in this Saturday Night Live sketch, the flawless impersonations (and costumes) provided more than enough clues.

Jim Carrey seemed blown away himself (and almost broke character) when his Dumb and Dumber To co-star, Jeff Daniels, showed up dressed like Jim’s character from the movie, Lloyd Christmas.

According to the reactions that have been posted on Twitter, many people believe that Taran Killam did the best job at impersonating Jim Carrey in this particular sketch.

However, there were quite a few more surprises that excited Jim Carrey fans — including the well-developed costume that Bobby Moynihan wore as The Mask as well as when The Riddler from Batman Forever hopped into the frame at the last second for a group photo.

Which moment in this Jim Carrey family reunion sketch was your favorite?