Congressman Calls Americans To ‘Surround The White House’ To Stop Barack Obama [Video]

Over the last couple of years, news outlets have kept up with Barack Obama, his presidency, and how Americans in general are taking his term. As of late, most of them are not very happy with Obama’s performance. The Inquisitr has kept up with people’s disdain, which has resulted in terrible approval ratings. Some specifics on these ratings can either be a people of a state (California) or people of a specific groups (women and Hispanics). As a matter of fact, it is reported that Obama’s average is worse than that of our previous president, George W. Bush.

However, some people who disagree with Barack Obama are taking a stronger stand than others. In some aspects, they may be more militant in what they want done. Iowa Republican Representative Steve King might be one of them, as he calls for all Americans to “surround the White House” in an attempt to stop the president.

According to an article by Western Journalism, which was followed-up by Conservative Tribune, Steve King made an appearance on a recent Newsmax television interview to cover a variety of topics about an order by Barack Obama that would grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens currently within the United States. King was also asked what the GOP legislative response would be if such an order were to go through.

“I’ve said that wherever I am, if I’m not in Washington, I will go to the airport. I’m going to call on John Boehner (Speaker of the House of Representative) to call for a special session. I’m going to hope he beats me to that; I hope he’s anticipating that too.”

After recalling the extensive protests that occurred at the United States Capitol in retaliation to ObamaCare, Steve King made mention of a more direct approach to express disapproval of a sweeping immigration policy.

“I don’t figure that going to the capitol and asking people to come there to surround the Capitol does any good, but surrounding the White House might. We cannot have a president of the United States who believes he can make up the law as he goes.”

Steve King made it clear that Barack Obama has already changed the laws by making immigration officials violate law by refusing to put people into removal proceedings who are in the country illegally. He even said that a failure to act swiftly on the prevention of amnesty taking place will result in the United States of America degrading into a “lawless third world nation with a king sitting in the White House.”

Finally, Steve King made mention that America’s founders foresaw the possibility of voters electing a lawless president. That is why they included a remedy of impeachment in the Constitution, which also includes the right to stand up and speak out against such a regime.

“If the president violates the Constitution, we have every right… to exercise our Constitutional right to let him know we’re not going to tolerate it.”

Do you agree with Iowa Republican Representative Steve King that we should “surround the White House” to stop Barack Obama from granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens? Or is Steve King asking for more than what needs to be done?

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