Giant Gold Nugget Found In California Sold, Butte Nugget Sells For $400k

A giant gold nugget found in California went up for sale in San Franciso earlier this week. Known as the Butte Nugget, it was expected the six pound giant gold nugget would sell for between $350,000 to $450,000, but a secret buyer decided to snag the rare chunk of gold for an astounding $400,000.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the giant gold nugget found in California is known to come from Butte County, hence its namesake, but otherwise the location where it was dug up has been kept a secret.

“I can’t say the actual location of where this nugget was found, though I had to be blindfolded for the ride out to the location, so I couldn’t say exactly even if I wanted to,” said senior numismatist, David McCarthy. “I’d call the spot rugged. I’m convinced this man found what he said he found.”

Apparently, a buyer was convinced enough of its authenticity to shell out $400k. But everything about the giant gold nugget found in California, even the identity of the buyer, is a secret.

“The new owner wants to be secretive, so we can’t name him,” said Don Kagin of Tiburon,the coin dealer which brokered the deal. “Let’s just say it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Even the price was a secret, although Kagin admitted it was within expectations. “We were asking for $400,000 and it obviously wasn’t far from that,” he said.

McCarthy was a little more talkative, revealing that the buy was a prominent San Francisco Bay area collector who specialized in historical objects.

“We spoke to six different people who seemed to have legitimate interest and the wherewithal to purchase the item, but he was the first person to make an offer and he had the right price,” McCarthy said. “But I can say he’s very pleased with the sale.”

According to SFGate, the giant gold nugget found in California called the Butte Nugget will remain on display at the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show through Sunday. So if you want to see a glimmering piece of history, it’s suggest you hurry soon before it’s too late.