Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Evident, Say Experts

Renee Zellweger has caused a stir and prompted plastic surgery rumors, not simply because Zellweger looks like she’s had work done, but also because Renee looks so different – like another person – from her normal appearance.

The plastic surgeon expert Dr. Drew Ordon from The Doctors pointed out an incision he spotted on Zellweger’s forehead in a photo, reports The Inquisitr.

Indeed, the biggest shock about the change in the actress’ appearance can be witnessed by taking a stroll through her red carpet photos during the past few years.

“Renee Zellweger attends the 29th Annual Fashion Group International Night Of Stars on October 25, 2012,” reads the description of the first photo of Zellweger at the top left, wherein Renee looks most like fans remember her from roles like Jerry Maguire and Bridget Joness’ Diary. Older, sure, but still more like herself, Renee Zellweger.

By March 10, 2014, Renee Zellweger still had hints of her recognizable self during an appearance in San Francisco, California. After that point in time, however, Renee began to look more unlike herself, with Zellweger causing the biggest stir upon attending the 2014 ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards on October 20, 2014, in Beverly Hills, California. With no windswept hair in her face and plenty of close-up shots on Renee, the internet finally took notice of Zellweger.

Has Renee Zellweger had plastic surgery, Botox – or both?

SF Gate asked expert plastic surgeons like Dr. Carolyn Chang out of San Francisco to weigh in on Renee’s changed appearance. Dr. Chang did not treat Renee Zellweger, though she agrees that Renee has become the poster child of the results that can occur when one changes a feature on the face in such a dramatic fashion that they no longer look like themselves.

“There’s no question this is surgical,” San Francisco-based Dr. Seth Matarasso said, suspecting – like most medical experts weighing in on Renee’s changed face – that Zellweger has likely had plastic surgery on her eyes, a brow lift, Botox, and fillers.

Avoiding Renee Zellweger results

The biggest interest in the shocking change to Zellweger results from people who simply don’t want to make the same mistake Renee has made. While Zellweger won’t cop to any plastic surgery as the blame for this drastic change, experts claim the nipping and tucking is obvious. So while Renee Zellweger might spew the line that she’s glad folks think she looks different, as reported by the Daily Mail, fans would’ve been happier seeing the 45-year-old Renee Zellweger face they’re used to viewing.

[Image credit: Getty Images]