Music Changes The Way Wine Tastes [Study]

Does your wine have a hint of chocolate with just the most subtle hint of Jason Mraz? Or perhaps you prefer a more fruity wine with a touch of Soundgarden? A new study suggests that the music a person listens to changes the way their wine tastes.

Conducted in Scotland researchers found that red and white wine tasted different to drinkers when certain types of music were played.

For the study researchers used the following music:

The “subtle and refined” Tchaikovsky, “zingy and refreshing” Nouvelle Vague, “powerful and heavy” Orff, or “mellow and soft” Michael Brooke.

A fifth control group of drinkers drank in silence.

After drinking their wine subjects were asked to list descriptors about their drinks and according to researchers the taste test revealed that the type of music they were subject too directly influenced their wine tastes.

According to the Telegraph for example drinkers listening to Orff while drinking both the red and white wines called them “powerful and heavy” while listeners of music by Michael Brook said both wines were “mellow and soft.”

Subject scientists reveal:

“Taste of the wine reflected the emotional connotations of the background music played while they drank it.”

Are you surprised to learn that the music we listen to directly affects how wine tastes?

On a side note why can I never find free alcohol study’s to participate in.

Image via @ShutterStock