WWE News: Relationship Between CM Punk And WWE Gets Worse

Ever since CM Punk left the WWE in January of this year, the turmoil between the two parties just continues to get worse as the week goes by. For a man who isn’t even with the company anymore, he gets more headlines than almost any other professional wrestler in the world. Yes, CM Punk is that popular — and will remain that popular until he returns to the company.

The WWE doesn’t make it easier on themselves to let the fans forget about him during WWE events. They continue to take away fan signage at Raw or Smackdown. Well, that will just make the WWE Universe bring more signs and chant his name even more. Luckily, the “CM Punk!” chants are slowing down. Yet, they still remain for a reason pretty blatant; people want him back.

Even though he will return one day, it will not happen anytime soon. More time can get added, because a new report is surfacing that suggests the relationship between CM Punk and the WWE took another hit.

“There were multiple reports of CM Punk fan signs being taken at Monday’s RAW in Kansas City. PWInsider reached out to a WWE source to ask about the reports and were told that relations between Punk and WWE are not going good[sic].”

“It was also said that WWE is probably going to now be going out of their way to make sure nobody is bringing attention to the fact that Punk is no longer around.”

This theory can go back all the way to adolescents. If a parent takes away the child’s toy, the child will cry until he gets it back. The WWE should let the Punk chants go and halt the process of taking away signs. As long as the signage isn’t profane, what is the problem with it? Prolonging the inevitable CM Punk support is truly impossible. He will continue to have his legions of fans even though his wrestling days are over for now.

Punk’s beef with the WWE is truly a no-win situation for the WWE. Fans will always chant his name and buy his t-shirts to wear at WWE events. They cannot physically stop anybody from doing so. Chicago is such a great wrestling town that WWE can’t just stop going there. Chicago is near the top of the list, as far as best wrestling crowds go.

It would be much different if Punk started to bad-mouth the WWE, which he isn’t. He’s not even talking about them, or the wrestling product in general. Recently, the new AJ Lee situation came of her not being involved in Total Divas. Paige and Alicia Fox are new additions to the show for next season. Apparently, her marriage to Punk is the reason for her absence on the popular reality show.

Regardless of the truth to that report, that’s just another reason for the fans to bring Punk’s name back up. I’ll repeat what I said above: they are simply doing things to keep Punk’s name in the wrestling product. On RAW, they showed a picture of Punk’s tattered back after a Hell in a Cell match on a montage. Twitter lit up about WWE using Punk’s image in a montage. I thought they didn’t want to bring up CM Punk anymore?

[Image via cmpunk.com]