What Bad Economy? Americans Drop Record $2.3 Billion On Halloween Candy

We may be headed towards a double-dip recession but that hasn’t stopped American’s from gobbling up a record setting amount of Halloween candy. According to a report by the National Confectioner’s Association consumers in the United States purchased $2.3 billion in candy during the 2011 shopping season.

Based on recent numbers consumers are buying candy at an increasing rate of 1% to 3% per year, equally no less than 35 million pounds of candy this year alone.

For consumers worried about their children rotting out their teeth Slate points out that since most Halloween candy is high in sugar and low in moisture it can last for as long as 2-years if nuts and other quick to expire ingredients are not include, while the candy’s top quality should remain in place for one full year, allowing parents to slowly hand out candy.

If the amount of candy purchased during Halloween doesn’t surprise you it should be noted that other purchases are nearly as profitable including $1.88 billion spent on decorations and $1.21 billion spent on adult costumes.

You can see a more inclusive list of our $7 billion Halloween spending habits HERE.

Are you surprised by the amount of candy purchased each year for Halloween?

[Image via ShutterStock]