Paul McCartney, John Bonham Collaboration ‘Beware My Love’ Unreleased Version Revealed After Nearly 40 Years [Audio]

A Paul McCartney, John Bonham collaboration from 1976 is making headlines thanks to the former Beatles founding member’s announcement that he is releasing an early version of “Beware My Love” that features the late Led Zeppelin drummer. The surprising, yet welcome news broke on Twitter when an anxious fan tweeted a question for McCartney. The 72-year-old icon’s answer could very well make music history.

It all went down during an October 20, 2014 Twitter event #askPaul, which was billed as a “Live Twitter Q&A With Paul McCartney.” Fans asked Sir Paul about everything from tattoos to his favorite songs, reported Billboard. Could the question about the classic Paul McCartney and John Bonham collaboration have been planted? McCartney was all too ready to supply an answer along with more than five minutes of relevant audio in response to the convenient query.

The release of the previously unheard version of the Paul McCartney, John Bonham tune on Twitter coincides with the reissue of Wings At The Speed Of Sound, which originally hit record store shelves back in 1976 while the band was engrossed in a worldwide tour. It was recorded over a two month period, January and February, and it was released in March. The speed of sound was an apt concept for the title of an album that was created and released in such a short time period.

John Bonham is best known for his work with Led Zeppelin, whose founding members include rock legends Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. He also appeared on Paul McCartney and Wings’s 1979 vinyl offering, Back To The Egg. Bonham tragically died in 1980 at the age of 32.

For those who are unfamiliar with the 1976 version of the Paul McCartney and John Bonham collaboration “Beware My Love,” YouTube has you covered. The following video is taken from a Paul McCartney and Wings performance from their 1976 American Tour. Alas, several early versions of the song featuring John Bonham on drums have been removed from the site.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Paul McCartney released another surprising song recently, but this one may disappoint you. “Hope for the Future” plays during the end credits for a video game called Destiny. Sir Paul McCartney received no financial remuneration for the project, doing it for the opportunity to reach a new audience instead of money.

The reissue of the classic 1970s albums Venus and Mars and At The Speed Of Sound are due out next month, reported NME. Are you excited about hearing the previously unreleased version of the Paul McCartney and John Bonham collaboration? Comments are welcome.

[Image via Paul McCartney Instagram]