Woman Shames Sex Offender Who Allegedly Groped Her, Shares His Picture On Twitter

One Seattle woman refused to be victimized by a sex offender, so she took matters into her own hands. According to the Daily Mail, 28-year-old Julia Marquand was able to snap a few pictures of the man who allegedly groped her on Sunday, October 12. The man, who was later identified as Daryl Sharm, a convicted sex offender, reportedly “bumped” into Marquand near Westlake Park in Seattle, Washington. However, she insists he just used the opportunity to touch her inappropriately.

But, instead of fleeing from the awkward situation, she decided not to let him get away with the shameful act. She reportedly followed him and took several pictures of him with her cell phone. Fearful of what she might do with the snapshots, he immediately began apologizing, she recalled. However, the damage had already been done.

So, on Monday, October 13, she decided to speak out about the unfortunate ordeal. She took to Twitter and uploaded his picture! But, that’s not all! She not only ousted him, but she also called out the police department! They refused to take the pictures she snapped as evidence, even though he was identified as a sex offender under Department of Corrections supervision, reports Q13-Fox News. However, she took to social media to speak out about the situation, the department opted to make a better effort to investigate her claim. The Seattle Police Department also tweeted a response to her post.

On Wednesday, October 15, Marquand spoke exclusively with Q13 FOX News about the incident. She recalled the horrific encounter, and shared her sentiments about the police department’s initial decision not to take her pictures.

“I could see his shadow over my shadow getting closer and then that`s when I felt his hand on my butt,” Marquand told Q13 FOX News. “I know the difference between being bumped into and being groped. I pulled out my phone and I just started snapping pictures,” she recalled.

The Seattle Police Department released a statement in reference to the case.

“SPD Sexual Assault detectives and Department of Corrections (DOC) officers have identified a person of interest in a weekend assault on a woman in downtown Seattle. This person of interest is currently being held at the King County Jail for a violation of his DOC supervision.

“Police began investigating the incident after a woman contacted an officer at the West Precinct on October 12th to report a man groped the woman as she walked down the street near Westlake Park.The victim photographed the man before contacting police at the West Precinct.

“A West Precinct officer documented the incident, including a detailed description of the suspect, but did not collect the victim’s photograph of the suspect at the time of the report. The victim, understandably frustrated by the incident, pro-actively circulated a photo of the man via social media, along with an account of her experience reporting the incident.

“DOC officers contacted SPD detectives about the case after recognizing the man in the photo as a level III sex offender on DOC supervision.Police are still investigating the case, but are working to confirm a connection between the man identified by DOC officers and the Westlake incident.”

Daryl Sharma is currently being held in the King County jail for violating probation.

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