Haunted House Worker Caught In Noose During Alleged Accident

In an unexplained event at the Creepyworld haunted house in Jefferson County, Missouri, a 17-year-old worker was rushed to the hospital after she was found hanging by a noose.

The accident occurred at 8:45 p.m. on Thursday when a co-worker found the girl hanging unconscious and phoned officials who rushed the worker to a local hospital.

Creepyworld is a Halloween amusement that is setup like a small town with a butcher shop, drive-in theater and other faux buildings. In the town dummies are seen hanging from bars and strewn across vehicles.

Creepyworld (Halloween Productions Inc.) President Larry Kirchner has not revealed all of the details about the alleged accident but has said:

"It’s a situation that’s under investigation," and "The only thing we’re concerned about is our actor."
Kirchner also revealed that Creepyworld will be open for business on Friday night.

A police investigation in ongoing and Capt. Ron Arnhard of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says the noose appeared to be used for visual affect but:

"How she wound up in there is still under investigation," and "Right now, it looks like an unfortunate accident."
Because of her age the girls name has not been released to the public. Police were also quick to point out that Creepyworld otherwise has a good safety record among its 150 employees.

Would you be willing to pay $23 to tour Creepyworld after a near death experience happened to one of the company's employees?