Sugarland Singer Nettles Speaks Out On Collapse: 'We Are All Changed'

Two months after a tragic stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, band Sugarland has paid tribute to the victims of the accident.

High winds at the event reported to be between 60 and 70 miles an hour precipitated the tragedy, during which 40 were injured and seven people ultimately lost their lives. Singer Sara Bareilles was present at the event and afterwards recalled that the "weather changed in a matter of minutes and the stage collapsed in a matter of seconds" just before the incident, which accounted for the scope of the tragedy.

Sugarland returned to a venue near the site of the Indiana State Fair tragedy this weekend to perform a free concert in honor of the victims of the collapse. Singer Jennifer Nettles commented on the effects of the incident two months following the event:

"Obviously we are here in October — we were supposed to do this show in August. Obviously, the stage is different, you are different and we are different. We are all changed by what happened then," Nettles said. "But we are going to try to give you the best show that we can and to celebrate healing with you and to celebrate life and music with you here tonight."
The concert was free, but attendees were asked to donate $10 to a victims' relief fund for those affected by the tragedy. To date, the fund has raised more than $1 million for the victims of the stage collapse. Nettles confirmed that prior to the tribute concert, Sugarland members visited the fairgrounds.