Asura's Wrath release date announced, due out early next year

Capcom confirmed today that Asura's Wrath, a wild and crazy action title from developers CyberConnect2, is due out in North America February 21, 2012 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

In Asura's Wrath, players take on the role of Asura, a once powerful god who is stripped of his powers thanks to his deity brethren. Naturally, Asura isn't very pleased with this, so he sets a course for vengeance against the deities who tried to take him down.

Asura's Wrath is reminiscent of other action / beat-'em-up titles such as Devil May Cry and God of War, but Asura's Wrath sets itself apart from all the rest with its sheer insanity. You'll be taking on impossibly large enemies and getting into battles that can only be described as, well, insane.

It's best that you see Asura's Wrath for yourself rather than have it described for you, so go ahead and check out all of the insanity that is Asura's Wrath in the trailer below.